Jesus Christ, my God and Love

Jesus Christ, my God and Love,
the Saviour of creation.
Your blood is the ransom of my soul, 
it is my true salvation.

Joy and light, your countless might,
were great beyond all measure.
To me, to this sinner poor you gave
it all, yourself as treasure.

How I cry I’m full of sin,
I’m bound by it in prison.
But why should I anguish without cause?
The cross is in my vision.

Hail now Cross, I say once more,
I hail you hope of ages!
Your radiant light, O King of might
shines there where you paid wages.

Spirit pure of loveliness,
now cleanse my tarnished being
with word of forgiveness, sacrament
thus be in me indwelling.

Father, now I pray to you
through God the Son, believing
you’ll give me a future, present, past
through blood from death reprieving.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Great stuff!

    "Might" is a mass object and can't be countless.

    It is such a comfort to see you taking comfort in the wounds of Jesus!

  2. Thank you! How about "boundless might"?


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