I was recently interviewed for two Canadian magazines:

Monday Magazine: 5Qs - Quenya Questions

BC Christian News: Finding God in Tolkien's Mythology

This was during my North American visit with my brother in July. It was a marvelous trip. Here is what we considered our theme song for it:

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  1. I made a Boccherini channel for myself on Pandora. Some Locatelli, too. I seeded it with the music from Master and Commander, choosing the pieces by name, as I wasn't looking for the material written for the movie (though I enjoy that, too).

  2. "Musica notturna delle strade di Madrid" has become one of my absolute favourite pieces of music. If you have any recommendations of other great music by Boccherini or someone else (I also enjoy C.P.E. Bach, for instance), I'd be happy to hear.

  3. Some of my "thumbed-up" selections from my Pandora stations are as follows:

    Peter Warlock - Capriol Suite - Pavane
    Grieg - Holberg Suite (Fra Holbergs Tid)
    Handel - "Let not fame the tidings spread" from Hercules
    Vaughan Williams - Five Variants of Dives & Lazarus

    I'll keep looking for more as I continue to play the station, especially pieces by Boccherini.

    Aside from any of this, have you heard "In Ecclesiis" by Gabrieli?

  4. Thank you for the suggestions! I'll have to listen to those. It's always good to find really good music. The folk melody in "Five Variants of Dives & Lazarus" is also used in a Finnish hymn: http://evl.fi/virsikirja.nsf/pudotusvalikko/510 I don't think I've heard "In Ecclesiis" before. Marvelous.

  5. Do you like Kullervo by Sibelius? I'm not sure I like the meaning, when I read it, which almost makes me wonder if understanding of Finnish would spoil it. Then again, perhaps I'm reading a terrible translation in the liner notes.

  6. Ok. Several minutes after posting I find something suggesting you've done work on Tolkien and Kullervo. Anyway, I do find the Finnish language has beauty like a spell when I hear this piece (my recording is the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Helsinki University Chorus led by Esa-Pekka Salonen). I haven't found my Everyman's Library book Kalevala: The Land of Heroes to be as compelling. I'm wondering whether I need to approach this differently.


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