The Authority of Scripture

Check out this very good article on the meaning of Biblical authority, written by Gerhard Forde. It's not what you usually think:

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The authority of Scripture is, simply put, Gospel. It is neither bondage to our selfish desires nor being bound to laws and regulations. It is a charter of freedom! The Word of God makes us free through the promise of forgiveness. It kills our old self with its selfish desires, to have what one wants and succeed in doing good, and makes us alive in Jesus Christ. Bye bye, sin and law! We have a new master - a Lord who is uncompromisingly loving and creates new out of nothing! This is our life, meant for all: faith in the grace and power of infinite Love who is a Person. He is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died for you and me - to make us alive and renewed in joy.

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  1. Hei! Been reading thru the very interesting article which you linked.
    I study in a different field of the knowledge, Humanities, but the study of Latin and Greek brings me close to the study of the Bible, too.
    Very interesting and brilliant post,
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm glad you liked my posting and the article. I love Latin and Greek. Sorry I replied five months later!


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